Get Farm Products at these Locations:

The Farm Store

2665 County Street 2980

Blanchard, OK


Wednesdays & Saturdays 9a-4p 

Farm Products @

Conscious Community CO-OP

2900 E Waterloo Rd,

Edmond, OK


What People Like You Are Saying...


This is the best group of farmers that I have ever met in my life. 3J Farms is where I buy meat for my family.


Local, sustainable, REAL food done right! Owned and Managed by honest folks with hearts the size of the moon! You can’t go wrong here. Now go buy some food and nourish that beautiful mind, body and spirit of yours...


My wife has digestive issues and eating real food has made such a difference in her life.

About Us

Family owned and operated, the farm is conveniently located about 45 minutes south of OKC.

We grow high quality, farm fresh food

that supports health. Food that helps you when you struggle with digestive issues, dietary restrictions or simply choose to eat a simple diet.


What is real food anyway? It is whole, single-ingredient food, mostly unprocessed, free of chemical additives, and rich in nutrients. That's good for everybody.

When you are looking for healthy proteins like lean grass-fed beef, lamb & farm-raised pork and flavorful herbs. Let us help.

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