Finding real food shouldn't drive you crazy.

You live the daily grind. Off to work. Back home. Take the kids to practice, tutoring, rehearsal and whatever else comes up...


When do you eat? What do you eat? How do you feed your family food that you feel good about?


We feel ya. It's crazy out there. We know you want to feed your family healthy, wholesome and nutritious food, but who has the time to research all that? That's why we started 3J Farms OK. 

Our journey into growing real food began after we lost our brother. We realized our family is important and life's too short. So we came back to our roots, re-connected to the land and now each day we strive to live our happiest and healthiest lives, for as long as we can. And our brother is with us every step of the way.

We've re-discovered that part of a healthy and happy life is feeding our family chemical-free, humanely raised food.


So now we raise our own food. We follow our bliss. We encourage you and your family to join us and "nourish that beautiful mind, body and spirit of yours."

We are committed to farming practices that provide you and your family (and ours) with healthy, wholesome products you know you can trust.

Get Farm Products at these Locations:

The Farm Store

2665 County Street 2980

Blanchard, OK


Wednesdays & Saturdays 9a-4p 

Farm Products @

Conscious Community CO-OP

2900 E Waterloo Rd,

Edmond, OK