Get to know 3J Farms OK

One thing is for certain if you surround yourself with good hard-working people the rest will work itself out. Meet the 3JFarmsOK team. There’s no other like them.


General Manager

We. Love. This. FarmHer. Meet Jennifer, she is the first of the 3J's.
She's my sister. My idol. She loves biggley. She loves this farm. She is the reason for 3JFarmsOK. I say to this amazing woman...go farmer go


Heavenly Farmer

We. Love. This. Farmer. Meet Jesse. He's our brother; the second "J". Today is Jesse's 3rd heavenly Birthday.

Jesse loved this farm. He loved its' wide open spaces and his freedom to explore it. He explored every square acre of it. The farm was a playground and a paradise to Jesse. In fact, there aren't too many places one can look to and not see Jesse and his beautiful beaming smile.


Creativity | Farm Fun Facilitator


Livestock Manager

We. Love. This. Farmer
Meet Luis. The Livestock Manager.
He cares for the animals (and us😉); a behind the scenes sorta guy. He loves this farm. The beef & lamb you buy from us is raised by this man. We take pride in that and him.


Greenhouse Manager

We. Love. This. FarmHer. Meet Treasured Traci.
She loves growing! Growing plants, food, and especially growing curiosity and community.
The plants and produce you purchase from 3JFarmsOK have been proudly planted with the help of her hands.
She loves this farm. We.Love.Her.


Right Hand Man & Handyman

We. Love. This. Farmer. Dave. or "Squirrel Dave" (a little nickname our brother Jesse bestowed upon him, you only got one if he liked you 😉) . Dave loves this farm. He loves being a part of its' growth. He helps out in every way he knows how and in every way he can. He's handy. He's reliable. He's fun-loving. He is a confidant and counselor. We love him to bits.
Dave was Jesse's "right-hand man" and he's pretty much made himself a must-have member of the farm. There is no mistaking he is a servant-hearted man and farming wouldn't be as much fun as it is without him. 


Beautification Specialist | Customer Service

We. Love. This. FarmHer. Blake. What can we say, besides thank you. Blake takes on anything we ask of her: creative, office, products and tasks we haven't even thought of yet. As part of our farm's creative team Blake helps bring color and life to the farm, making it welcoming and fun for all who visit. We are so blessed to have Blake as part of our team. There are big things (and little ones 😉) coming Blake's way. Here's to creativity and those who make the world beautiful!

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