10 Tomato Tips that Make Meal Planning Easier + You Feel Great!

Hi you! It's me again and I may write long emails, but I don't get carried away here on our blog. I'm a bit backwards but I figure if you've taken the time to get this far you "just want the goods". So here goes...

Canned tomatoes often contain ingredients you don't think about because, why should they contain them? Salt and sugar are the main ones. The beauty of canning or freezing fresh tomatoes plus an afternoon spent with the kids prepping you can have healthy tomato base or JUST tomatoes for use in a number of dishes. See for yourself.

Peel-Cut-Bag-Freezer OR Peel-Cut-Can-Shelf just plain tomatoes. Then use them any way you like!

1) Crock pot Roast.

2) Marinara aka spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce, ragu,

3) Stews and soups

4) Salsas, chutneys, bbq sauces, marinades, etc.

5) Sloppy Jills (you knew I'd say it ;) )

6) Casseroles

7) Chili

8) Substitute water in grains for frozen/canned tomatoes

9) Add to mac n cheese

10) Add to bean and cheese dips

Done! There are tons of recipes out there. These ideas are just to get you thinking about how you can either use all of your tomatoes or feel better knowing what's in your tomatoes and the meals you make your family. See you at the farm! ~ Jillian

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