Happy New Year, Happy New You 2018!

I hope you ate your black-eyed peas for good luck, you're going to need it...

So it begins, not just the new year, but the new journey. Well kind of, Jennifer, Luis, Traci, "Squirrel Dave" and I really began taking these greenhouses down in June 2017, around Jennifer's birthday. In fact, it was Jennifer's birthday present. Our love language is "acts of service", so you can imagine how much love it took to start deconstructing the greenhouses. Not to mention the Oklahoma heat is unmerciful in the summer. No matter, we whistled while we worked, but it was only the beginning.

The sun beat down while the summer dragged on. The greenhouse deconstruction was put on hold to make way for Jesse's kids who came for a summer visit. As you can imagine productivity lagged during this time, but fun was way up! As is summer tradition the kids "popped firecrackers" till they ran out of money. They learned and practiced country driving. They gave "Greeney", our pawpaw's old green Chevrolet, a run for his money. Greeney is a gem. This truck has grit. It lacks speed, a/c, radio, fully operating windows, a moveable bench seat and probably more, but it makes up for it in fun and memories. The kids drove around. They drove to Grandma's. They drove to their dad's house. They drove to the mailbox. They would have drove to the bathroom if they could have. These are the days. Fishing, swimming, swinging, barbecue, "scary-aoke" (not to be confused with karaoke, this is way more fun), you name it country kids know how to have a good time. The visit was over, the kids back home. Now it was time...back to work.

Summer came to a close and slowly, the greenhouses came down. Plans changed, as they do, and the home for the greenhouses changed too. It occurred to the parties involved, why not reconstruct these "beasts" on the family farm? They would only likely be moved there in the future. So it was meant to be.

We broke ground in the fall on what was once the 3J Dairy Farm and thus was christened 3J Farms OK. The sleeping giant was awakened.

We are now in the throes of winter and the new challenge is not the heat but the cold. The life of a farmer. It's rarely perfect. When it is enjoy it. When it isn't think of times when it was good to get you through the times when it's not. We are still in the preliminary phases of this journey, mapping it out if you will, but we are moving along, one foot in front of the other. We are doing it together.

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