"So God made a farmer..."

Paul Harvey, what inspiring words and timing. These words aired on a Super Bowl Sunday in 2013 .

We are really starting to make headway now!

Jennifer and Traci have been on the tractor recently working on the Bermuda grass in the garden plot. Bermuda grass is great when used for grazing but when you need to grow a garden it just won't do. Jennifer's been reading on how to eradicate the bermuda grass without pesky chemicals. She's done the first bit of tilling and raking, of course "rinse and repeat", then comes the sudan which will shade the grass out. Should be ready by September.

And a few other updates:

The Piggly Wigglies (PWs)

The PWs are doing well, after Blondy's brush with death. One evening back in January, Rosco, Slick and JJ, the three pooches were up to no good. Rosco seemed to be the instigator but he got a hold of the blonde pig which resulted in a few injuries. Since then, there have been no reports of assaults on the PWs and we'd like to keep it that way.

The Dorpers

Dorper sheep, known for their shedding wool and pleasant tasting meat, are a new addition to the farm. They seem to be settling in nicely. Luis took the opportunity before the new year to prepare one of the dorper's, smoked meat and lamb chops. There was no mint or heavy herbs required. They were perfect. Lovely meat profile, not "whangy" and prepared to perfection, thanks to Luis (our very own meat smoker and cook extraordinaire) So if you are looking for good Dorper stock, we recommend Kim and Heath Kohler of Alex, OK.

The Crips

The newest bovines. They are looking good. We are taking beef orders now. Please let us know if you have any interest in a half, quarter, or by single cuts.

The Goats

These guys were picked up last weekend. They traveled well from Texas. They were let out with the Dorpers and everyone seems to be getting along just fine. Donkey had a word with them all at the beginning, as if to say, "listen guys, you are under my care now."

The Seedlings

The Chickens

We got the chicken Cadillac, I mean tractor...There was a little bit of wind damage getting this beauty home, but it'll buff out.

As you can see, we are really starting to turn up the heat on this thing. So stay tuned, there will be plenty more to come.

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