March Madness, and I'm not talking basketball.

March Updates:

Beef Orders and Seedling Flats:

-We are taking orders/deposits on whole, halves and quarters of beef.

-We have ready mixed organic seedling flats available, with or without 8" domes. The domes will be handy for next year's grow at home project. Flats/trays consist of tomato, pepper and flower seedlings.

Give us a call this weekend and see what we have available. See our website for details.

Click on "In Season"


You must be "kidding"? Yes, yes she was...The nannies are kidding. We have two new babies to add to the herd. Luis, our Livestock Manager, helped welcome these sweet kiddos recently. I don't know about you but I just love a new baby goat. Makes my heart skip a beat, their tiny "maaas" and "bleets". We have a good momma taking care of them too. Reports are all are well and accounted for. That is all we can ask for. We will take that win.


Seed planting commenced-the General and Greenhouse Managers with help from Seed Ops (Jennifer, Traci and Blake) started seed flats in their kitchens and made the small greenhouse work overtime. The seedlings are doing well, still young, but the first flats go out this weekend. 3/17/18


The pad is ready. The posts are set. The greenhouse is underway. We give nickel tours to cousins at this point but we'll be ready for classes before you know it. Thanks to some hands we are making progress.


The fences are reinforced, thanks to the Livestock Manager (Luis) and his protege/assistant (Jayden). The animals are coming. Two by two they unloaded. The "Ladies and the Babies" arrived and are getting used to their new home.


The logos are approved and ready thanks to our cousin Nikki Alford-Magers. We are now ready to start the t-shirt and the koozie making. Get to know and support your local farmers.


"Whatcha Cookin" Luis?" I mean, "Dave???"

Looks like Squirrel Dave was on chow duty this weekend and he did pretty good from what I can tell. There's a hand, cookin' for the hands. Thanks Dave.

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