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March was mad by all accounts but it's over now. April, here we come!

In Season:

-Seedlings-Tomatoes, Peppers, Loofahs and Nasturtiums.

-Beef-Taking Orders

-"Schwag"-To Be Announced

-Eggs-To Be Announced


Jennifer the General Manager took the plunge. Yep, she is her OWN boss now, well the Farm is her boss but they will work it out. Each week we discuss new challenges. We ponder, laugh, create and work hard. We dream and support each other. This month there were plenty of challenges but we figured it out.

Like Joe Cocker sang, "I get by with a little help from my friends" and we did...

Jennifer, Dave and Scottie have been working on the greenhouses and they are coming along nicely. Poles are in the ground, gutters and hoops are just about up. Next up, the walls and the roof.

Traci the Greenhouse Manager has bucket math on the brain. She's been mixing soil in large batches and a measuring cup just won't do.

The little greenhouse is full, "No vacancy at the inn." So we moved the grow operation outdoors until we get the big greenhouses up. However, with spring temperatures up and down, that means we must really watch over the tender seedlings outside to keep everyone happy. So far so good. There are seedlings inside and seedlings outside. There are seedlings everywhere! And they are happy and healthy.

Luis the Livestock Manager has his work cut on for him. He brought on the cattle in March.

Plus the "Queens" (chickens) arrived and are comfortably in their "Cadillac". Only the best for our girls. Fresh eggs will be available soon!


"Whatcha Cookin' Luis?"


It is that time of year in Oklahoma folks. These delicious little guys are well worth the wait.


The Farm is the home of majestic and unusual fowl. A bald eagle was sighted and pelicans have been spotted on the lake this spring. We are all convinced the eagle is Jesse, handsome and proud, watching the progress.

The sleepy little grassland is waking up. 3J Farms OK is healthy and happy and so are we. What more could we ask for?

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