"You're the reason God made Oklahoma..."

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Greenhouse Construction:

It isn't done yet but we keep working on it. The Oklahoma winds have been brutal lately. I'm sure you can imagine being in the wind, handling a curved pipe above your head and to top it all off being a "few" feet off of the ground. Well, you get the picture.

Farming, you can't do exactly what you want to all the time, sometimes you have to listen to Mother Nature.

Latest News:

We have partnered with Stewart Dairy Farm in Blanchard, OK and we look forward to providing locals with organically grown, heirloom plants, seeds and loofas at the Okie Farm Market. Get your fresh raw milk and various other products from other local farmers there too.

We had a great turn out for the Grand Opening at the Stewart's dairy. As usual we had a good time.

From the Greenhouse:

-Seedlings-By now you should all have your summer gardens in, but if you are still in need of a few plants, extras or replacements let us know we'd be glad to get you taken care of.

-Fall Planting-We are now getting our fall items started so stay tuned we look forward to offering some nice cool weather plants.

From the Field:

Phase One-Got Cattle?

Phase Two-If you build them they will come. The paddocks.

Phase Three-Release the Cows (hounds)!

Phase Four-You know what these paddocks need? More cow bell.

Spring is for Babies!

April had its ups and downs. We had a couple calves that were sickly after their journey to get to the Farm. We doctored and watched them but in the end, we lost two calves. Of course spring wouldn't be spring without new babies. Let us present "Prince Pancho" he's our sweetest and latest addition.

The Critters: Prince Poncho, Chopper, the Dorpers, the Goats, the Queens, the Pigs, the Billy and the Geese all say "Hi!"


"Whatcha Cookin' Luis?" (Blakey?)

Available This Month:

-Beef Available in December 2018

-Seedlings Call for Availability

-Schwag- Coming soon Koozies!


Brought to you by the letter "P"

Did you think we could do all this without a little fun?

Thanks for taking a look and keeping up with us.

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Oklahoma Sunsets

"You're the reason God made Oklahoma..."

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