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It has been a long, hot Oklahoma summer. The greenhouses are sooooo close to being finished. The cattle, sheep, goats, chickens, dogs and cats are thriving. Rotational grazing is working. We are a little behind on some things but as the season changes and Mother Nature takes her rest and replenishes herself for the spring, so do we.

It has been five months since our last post. Where did the time go? Well like John Lennon once sang, "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." I think we can all relate.

In Season

At the Okie Farm Market:

-Farm Fresh Free Range Eggs

-Garlic Basil and Jalapeno infused oils, limited time only

-Dried Basil and Sage

-Beef-Now accepting orders for late Fall. Reserve yours now. Deposit Required.

-3J Farms OK Shirts and Hats. They're here!


-Beef-Now accepting orders for late Fall. Reserve yours now. Deposit Required.

-3J Farms OK Shirts and Hats. They're here!

Coming Soon:

Reusable shopping bags. Help the environment and save yourself the fuss of plastic bags!

Bumper Stickers. Show em your rootin' for the home team!


Greenhouse Construction

Operation No Till

As you can see, besides the no tilling, the love grass did its job this summer. It kept the weeds down, required minimal watering and the produce was plentiful! We all agree, Operation Not Till 2019, here we come!

The Critters

The chickens have acclimated to their luxury home and the occasional escapee enjoys some dog kibble. Ole' Chopper doesn't mind though he's a good boy and just looks out for everyone, cats included. Meanwhile, Slick, our manager from corporate is overseeing operations. "Nutters and the new Ewes" (the New Dorpers) are here and they have settled in nicely in the rotation. Then there are the goats...they still haven't made it into the rotation, goats are capricious critters and well we just can't say that we trust them not to get out of the paddocks, so in the meantime they are staying in a field that can hold them. That keeps everybody happy.

Farm Beautification

Thanks to some talented locals, Justin Warren with Royal Painting, the Farm has a fresh coat of paint. It is bright and cheery and you can just feel all the good things happening. Thanks Justin!

We also put in some nice flower and strawberry beds, landscaping and overall revitalization. Just look at it! A giant ear of corn, tomato and watermelon, they don't get any better than that. Oh and did we mention the Queens Cadillac got some star treatment too. Now they are moving around in style. We even re-purposed some stock tanks into some plant packed flower and garden beds.


"Whatcha Cookin' Luis?"

Grilled Watermelon and Okra ;)


Brought to you by the letter "P"

Did you think we could do all this without a little fun?

Thanks for taking a look and keeping up with us.

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Oklahoma Sunsets

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