Winter 2018: Season's Greetings!

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the quality of being thankful;

readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.


We MUST start this entry with gratitude.

Without family, friends, and farmers where would we be?

This edition begins with a heartfelt, gratitude filled,


To all who showed up, pitched in, picked up and played.

Once, twice, and even thrice!

Many thanks to the supporters and fans for the

positive vibes, love, and energy

sent from afar!

We did it!


The greenhouses are up, covered and warm. We have babies coming at us from every direction. We are learning something new everyday and we are working harder than ever before. Working for us. This feels like a pretty darn good year and a great way to end the year!

In Season

Okie Farm Market: Closed for the Season.


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New! Greenhouses completed with the help of so MANY GREAT FRIENDS!

This project was definitely an undertaking. The Oklahoma wind was at its best most days and so coordinating the best day, weather subject to change, with people's schedules proved to be a bit of a challenge. But after a delay by a day. Take two. We got the first top on. Lots of lessons learned on this one. Caught a snag, got a hole. Life goes on. The next one, you ask? Much better this time and we were all a little more savvy on how to handle the oversized saran wrap.



Greenhouse Amazement and Walls

The Office is Operational!

Finally, we have an office too. Thanks Mom! The Milk Barn turned Farm Headquarters is operational and we love it! Next we will be germinating seeds; selling eggs and farm raised meats; giving tours, classes and everything else. Can't wait to see you here!

The Critters

Baby. Bebe. Bambino. Elskan. Leanbh. Tarbija. Dzieko. Babi. Dojenček. Dieťa.

So many babies and it's not even spring. We are blessed with good mommas, healthy babies and happy endings. "Hell Bitch" as she is affectionately called (she's a good momma, maybe too good) gave us twins. The bull calf thrived from the get go, but the heifer was a little puny, so she needed some TLC. Now that she is able, she is back with momma and all are thriving!

Now there's a hand Squirrel Dave, you're a regular Cow Whisperer

"All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my closeup."

-Sunset Boulevard (1950)

Mr. Frizzel is ready for his close up. Meet the King of the Cinnamon Queens!

Farm Challenges: Army Worms

So this happened...Army worms came and made quick work of eating everything green. The Critters were none too happy about it either. What was wonderful grazing pasture quickly turned to slim pickins'. However, the worms ate then left. We did not stand in their way.

Meanwhile, we took the opportunity to do some seed drilling and put in some nice mixed greens for the critters. We will see how it comes up. We will keep you posted. Pics to come.

Farm Beautification: Caterpillars! And Monarchs!


"Whatcha Cookin' Luis?" Looks like your using freshly dried 3J Farms OK Basil huh? Good choice Sir.

Meanwhile, Jennifer was busy making pepper jelly and sharing peppers with others to make pepper jelly. Boy it is tasty!


Brought to you by the letters "P" and "S" for Play and Super Mario Brothers

Thanks for taking a look and keeping up with us.

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