Instant Pot Creamy Italian Chicken Recipe

So you saw my video and it was blurry and missed my walk thru of ingredients...Technology can be such a funny thing. Well I think this part of technology should make up the difference. Let's get cookin'

Italian Creamy Chicken Soup or Sauce

Chicken Preparation:

1-Whole Pastured Chicken

1 1/2c. (12 oz) Cream Cheese (depends on chicken size)

1/3 c. Bell pepper, (red or green) chopped fresh or dehydrated

1/3 c. Celery, chopped fresh or dehydrated

1/4 c. Minced Onion, chopped fresh or dehydrated

3-6 cloves Crushed Garlic (your preference)

4 Tbsp. Olive Oil

TIP: Pack a quart size jar with peeled garlic and olive oil and keep in fridge for later.

Sauce Preparation:

6-8 Fresh or Frozen tomatoes peeled (Freeze your tomatoes and then defrost. Gives you an easier to peel tomato and great tomato liquid for your sauce about 4 cups.)

1/2 c. Fresh Basil coarsely chopped (any Italian variety, not the Vietnamese/anise style)

1/2 c. Pumpkin Puree or Shredded squash

Salt and Pepper (fresh grind if you can) to taste

1. Mix cream cheese, bell pepper, celery, onion and set aside.

2. Press saute function on the instant pot. Place olive oil and garlic in pot heat. Add whole chicken. Brown on both sides about five minutes on each side. Remove chicken from pot. Leave the garlic.

3. Stuff chicken with cream cheese mixture.

4. Place the instant pot rack in the bottom of the pot. Place chicken on the rack.

5. Add peeled tomatoes and tomato water to pot, chopped basil, pumpkin/squash. Give it a stir and place the lid on and set the instant pot on the "poultry" setting at 30 min.

Once the instant pot has completed it's cycle.

6. Remove and debone the chicken, place back in sauce/soup. Sauce consistency can vary, if you want more soup like, add more tomato stock before cooking to serve as soup, to get a nice sauce consistency less liquid to serve over pasta.


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