Millions of peaches! Peaches for ME!

It's peach season and boy am I thrilled! But what to do with all of those luscious, fragrant, delicious peaches? Well we have a sweet and simple little recipe for you.

This year while on the western slope of Colorado, I picked up a nice big box of peaches. After you eat so many you start to get creative. So here's what I did. I sliced a peach, chopped some fresh basil from the garden and served them with some pan-toasted pine nuts. The plate was a satisfying combination of richness from the pine nuts, sweetness from the peaches and an earthy fresh flavor from the basil. Next time I think I will drizzle some basil infused olive oil, similar to caprese salad or even use cilantro instead of basil. It's a fresh snack that will leave you feeling satisfied AND amazing. Bon apetit!

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